Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egyption Opposition Group Meet Vice President

Global News That Dominated This Week
Protest, demonstrations and riots were held in Egypt that already lasted close to two weeks to overthrow their leader,President Mubarak. Requests have been made to suggest that the president step down of his position but has been rejected. President Mubarak promised political reforms as part of their strategy to diminish the protest but unfortunately to no avail. As a result, representatives from a wide range of Egypt's major opposition groups met on Sunday with Vice President Omar Suleiman to discuss changes for the country towards better democracy. The opposition groups included leading democracy advocate Mohamed Elbaradei who was largely responsible for the nearly two weeks of protest happening. The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, and a number of smaller liberal groups also attended the meeting. The meeting concluded of the two sides agreeing to set up a comitee of members of judiciary and political figures to study proposed constitutional amendments that deal with opening up rules for who can run  president, its terms and limits of a president.

In my opinion, its a good step to take in order to finally bring peace open the community from resorting in more protests. This can also halt all the looting thats been happening on stores and shops during the protests. Hopefully, they will re-elect a new, more eligible president.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Miri As Host Of The National Chinese New Year Open House

Local News That Dominated This Week
On Sunday which falls on the 6th of February, Miri will be hosting the National Chinese New Year open house which will see the likes of our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The residents of Miri were overjoyed when Miri was announced as the host on January 24 by the Deputy Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum. The open house will promote Miri as a city of diverse culture and society. Despite indians being the minority out of the approximately 300,000 residents of Miri, they participated in this national event. The open house starts at 4pm and will continue until late night.

This open house is great for Miri and the people in it because it will bring them together and closer as a community. Its also a good opportunity for tourists to experience the many different celebration that Malaysia embraces thus giving them a good experience overall througout their visit. Hopefully, this open house will have elements that would appeal to the younger generation because they represent Malaysia's future so having the younger generation living harmoniously together would be great.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyption Revolution

Global News That Dominated This Week
After a day of historic protests, restless youth's continue to fight police at Egypt's Cairo defying President Hosni Mubarak's curfew. Reported to be the worst civil unrest in recent history, it has lasted for the six days of protests. Egyptians have taken over to the streets to oppose President Mubarak whom has ruled the country for 30 years. Internet lines and main telecommunication companies has been shut down to prevent protesters from organizing via text messages or famous social networking sites such has Facebook and Twitter. Mubarak's regime have also taken heavy measures against international media. The Associated Press said that prisoners had escaped from four prisons but many Egyptian activists wonders wether the regime is just creating security panic in order to send protesters running back home.

This is a serious issue in Egypt that might just become worse if their President doesn't take the right action to reside this civil unrest. In my opinion, they should take more subtle actions to calm the situation down instead of banning means of communication as that might further enrage the protesters in continuing. This can be seen as them being deprived as their right for the freedom of speech.

Malaysia First Country Allowed To Help Flood Victims In Australia

Local News That Dominated This Week
Recently, the northeastern part of Australia was hit by a violent flood that left countless homes flooded in water. Malaysia is the first country given permission by the Australian government to send help to aid the flood victims. Putera 1Malaysia Club, the organization representing Malaysia sent food and medical supplies weighing about five tonnes as well as 18 volunteers on the four-day mission. Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, president of the Putera 1Malaysia Club was very grateful of the permission given by the Australian government to help. He said that this is the best opportunity to prove the 1Malaysia concept, which is to put the people first regardless of race and religious beliefs.

This is clearly a good stepping stone for Malaysia to receive recognition globally as a country that prioritizes its people and has true intentions in helping them. Doing this would strengthen the political,economical bond with the Australian government. Hopefully, Malaysia continues taking steps like this with other countries to reinforce our 1Malaysia concept.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Local News that dominated this week:
On January 20th, a mass gathering at Batu Caves Subramaniam Temple became the center on attention during the celebration of Thaipusam, a hindu tradition greatly praticed between the buddhist community. Estimates of more than a million hindu devotee gathered at the location to pay their respects to Lord Muruga as well as give thanks and do penence to fulfill their vows. To briefly explain the history of Thaipusam, it commemorates the day when the Hindu goddess Pavarthi gave Muruga, her son, a lance that he used to destroy demons. This huge event was further made memorable when our current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak gave a speech on the importance of this event that partly shapes our country as a diverse culture and various races that harmoniously mix together. He further explains that we as Malaysians should not only be united during festivals but at all times.

This news article shows not only the multiple cultures that are present in Malaysia but also the acceptance of it among the Malaysians in which we embrace them. This is a good way to potray how united our people have become since Malaysia was formed to this day. Celebrations of various festivals are part of what makes this country a richer experience to take in whether you're a Malaysian or a tourist.

Obama, Hu air divides

Global News Dominating This Week.
President of the United States Barrack Obama and China's leader Hu Jintao had a discussion on Wednesday about human rights. During this press conference, both presidents we're discussing on the lack of freedom in China. They then suggested diplomacy for a gala state dinner in which will be attended by few celebrities such as Jackie Chan and pop diva Barbra Streisand that is to be held in the White House. They also discussed about China's export import relationship with the United States as well as U.S President Barrack Obama influencing  China's President Hu about their Freedom of speech,religion and assembly. All in all, there were some distinct differences between the opinions of the two leaders but strive to work together in the future.

Personally I think meetings like this between world leaders is a good first step to unity between countries where ultimatelye difference in culture and perspective between countries will just be a somewhat "blurry" line.  This could also help further improve communication between the east and west countries.